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SEA GOLD Organic Fertilizer

SEA GOLD Organic Fertilizer

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Sea Gold Fertilizer is a 100% Natural Seaweed such as sargaso, Ascophyllum nodosum and laminaria. It contains natural plant hormones and various natural nutrients substances , trace mineral elements, carbohydrates such as alginic acids, polysaccharide etc. Also contains antitoxins which helps plants to fend off bacteria, viruses and repel insects. It can rapidly complimentsthe nutrients, improve the quality of the product, blossom and fruit set, thicken, enlarge and balance the leaf growth and supply well-balanced crop nutrients. Help plants to endure environment stress, promote the development of shoots and roots, stimulate cell division and improve the fruit size.


1. Rich in mineral nutrients & micronutrients, provide balanced     nutrition.

2. Benefits rooting & helps absorption of inorganic nutrients from  the soil.

3. Rich in natural plant growth factors, with suitable dosage,   promotes growth healthily.

4. Improves seed germination, root development and early   seeding vigor by seeds treating.

5. Improves the activity of soil beneficial microorganisms.

6. Enhances the resistance towards diseases and insects.

7. Helps recovery from adversity & stress conditions. 

8. Improves soil structure & promotes the formation of cluster in   soil.