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BioSanitary Pads Day Use
BioSanitary Pads Day Use

BioSanitary Pads Day Use

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Product Details of Avail FEMININE COMFORT Bio Sanitary Pads Normal Flow 10's DAY USE (BESTSELLER!)

*Materials: 100% Cotton Surface

*Deodorizing Component: Fresh Mint Scented

*Health Benefit: Formulated woth specially blended natural   medicinal herbs to enhance women's health

*Enriched with pure natural herbs to provide dryness, hygiene and   feminine comfort during menstruation

*Manufactured with patented formulation and it is a revolutionary   product of new era

*Newly designed soft cotton-like surface provides you with   maximum comfort

*Enriched with S.A.P. foe stronger fluid absorption and retention

*Unique design of side leak prevention grove to prevent leakage   effectively, safe and reliable


Ingredients: All pure natural herbs, Soft cotton-like air laid inner layer, PE waterproof external layer